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a vagabonding journey starting with a one-way-ticket

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Engin Kaban

In 1982, he made his first trip to İzmir / TURKEY. After Bornova Anatolian High School, he graduated from İstanbul Technical University as a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering. He got the travel bug in his first time abroad during university times. Afterwards he participated in several conferences, student activities and camps in various countries as speaker or organizer. He volunteered for non-governmental organizations. He went to Sweden and got his M.A. degree in “Innovation Studies”.

Starting from university days, he did mountaineering. He hitchhiked 12.000+ km. He has been one of the first Turkish backpackers that travelled with interrail. He hosted many travellers from different continents and been guest to local people everywhere he travelled. Being the nomadic ambassador and country volunteer for Couchsurfing and Hospitality Club, he took an important role in the development of hospitality networks in the world and in Turkey.

In 5 continents, he has travelled to 44 countries. He puts effort to understand deeply the cultures of the places he goes to and be a part of the lives over there. He doesn’t miss the chance to try different foods, has interest in world music and tries to learn the languages of the countries he visits. He thinks of the concepts like “sustainability”, “alternative lifestyles” more and more lately. He is also into photography.

Apart from engineering, he is also a travel writer. His articles, interviews and photographs has been published in newspapers and magazines several times. He is the winner of several travel-writing-contests. He is trying to improve the traveling culture in Turkey and is implementing the travel-related projects in his mind step by step. He is one of the three founders of well-known “Sırtçantalılar” (Turkish Backpackers Society

After working in İzmir for 2,5 years in a multinational company as product engineer, he started a vagabonding trip in South America with a one-way-ticket which eventually lasted for 1 year. Apart from his professional career as an engineer, he devotes his time to motivate wanna-be-travelers to hit the road. He is doing presentations to hundreds of people about the life on the road. He also frequently appears live on TV programmes and radio channels to talk about his experiences.

With his many years of experience, his book Practical Travel Guide of a Traveler was published in 2012 summer to help and inform those planning to start traveling.

He has many other plans and dreams; needs project partners and supporters to achieve those.

You can follow Engin through and  ; contact him at

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