Route Latin America

a vagabonding journey starting with a one-way-ticket

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Wanna say something to me in open ground?

Here you go…

15 Responses to “GUESTBOOK”

  1. Omurden said

    Pleasure to be the first person writing on your blog. Have a good journey and inform us anything interesting that you have done there…
    Greetings from Istanbul…


  2. Derya said

    I appreciate your devotion and determination. This is a good example for us all :=)
    Good luck in this ultimate experience.


  3. Onur Inal said

    I wish you a safe journey with beautiful memories through South America!

  4. salicjo said

    Hola Engin,
    Fingerss crossed for Your trip. I will be chceking how are You doing, so pleas update us here with everthing,ok?
    I wish You save trip, nice experiences and throu neverending discovering find true about yourself….

    hugs from Kraków

    ps. we just meet exacly one yearago:)))

  5. ilker said

    deli :))

  6. Seçil said

    Oi, tudo bem??

    Here is Seçil, we met shortly at the Welcome Party in Rio, remember?

    I just read a travel writing on Radikal today, saw the link for sirtcantalilar and then for your blog, what a coincidence. 😉

    Just wanted to say hello and wish you a pleasant time for the rest of the journey. I will check this page every now and then.

    …And you are welcome here in Hamburg whenever you like (it seems that I will stay long here.)

    Greetings from me and Jens! (the German speaking turkish near me that night.)

  7. Chris said

    Keep us updated! But more importantly, have fun and learn alot!

  8. Gülnem said

    Gerçekten tebrikler…İyi eğlenceler ve iyi keşifler 🙂

    BAL02 / Gülnem

  9. Sofia said

    anything i can help with, just aski

  10. Naim said

    Hi Engin,
    greet to know that you are doing fine and keep traveling,
    I just want to warn you about amazonas as you should not enter the trips that is not open to strangers as there are so many caes that when so many antropologs went there to search for trips they were killed as they enter their area,

    safe journey ,
    Naim Ozgur

  11. jake said

    Hi engin,
    looks like you are having an amazing adventure, your photos look great.
    Stay safe, good luck and have a good time. 🙂

  12. Tashee said

    Hello “Mr. 911”,
    Love what you are doing!… Truely inspirational!
    Best wishes my friend.
    From your fellow Aussie Traveller,
    Natasha Lee (Tashee)

  13. Daniela Ledo said


    Come to the north! north!!
    We are waiting for you here in Belém, Amazonia!!!

    Keep enjoying your trip. our blog is amazing.


  14. Pietro said

    So interesting to read your blog, talking about place where I’ve been some years ago (and where I am still now). The same places from the view of another person. Thank you. 🙂
    Greetings from Cali!

  15. ana said

    Fue un placer compartir contigo en Cali, Colombia!

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