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Are you extremely rich? Where do you find money from?

No, I am not rich at all. I find money the same way as how people buy plasma screens every 2 years, wear expensive clothes or renew their mobile phones frequently. This is just a matter of choice. I’ve been working for the last 2,5 years and saving money meanwhile. And now I’ll travel with the saved money. So simple. Some people prefer to spend their time in 5-star holiday villages while I love being in nature with my tent. I think I should better ask those poeple where they find money from.

Just a matter of choice…

How much is your budget for this trip?

Depending on my researches and my talks with fellow long-time-travelers in these areas, I plan 600 USD / month in average, while this will slightly be changing from country to country. Possibly I’ll stay below this, but won’t go over. This includes all types of transportation, accomodation, food and other expenses within Latin America. Travel to Latin America, some equipments bought beforehand, insurance, and any unexpected expenses that might occur in emergency cases are excluded from this calculation.

Why Latin America?

The culture is attractive. Lifestyle is fun. Music and dance are lovely. Women are pretty. Nature is impressive. I have sympathy for Spanish and have been learning for a while. Almost no country requires visa. Relatively cheap. A popular and really nice route among backpacker communities for long-term-travel.

Enough ???

Why are you going alone? Wouldn’t it be better if you had company?

I have done most of my trips solo so far. I feel more free on my own, take decisions faster and move comfortably. Another point is that; you meet more people when you travel solo. On top of all; I feel I can communicate with local people in a much better way when I am by myself.

I should also point out something else that, I am not planning to do the whole trip solo. I’ll possibly be moving with fellow travelers on the road at some points for some time. This will do some balance.

Isn’t it dangerous over there? Aren’t you afraid?

Yes it is dangerous. And I am afraid.

I wouldn’t be doing emergency case plans for any unexpected situations that might occur, or wouldn’t be leaving a support team of 4-5 people besides me if I weren’t afraid. I wouldn’t be searching for diseases over there, have vaccinations and carry along a first-aid kit with me or looking for travel and health insurances if I weren’t afraid.

I am aware of the dangers ahead and I do and will take all precautions as I can. However, I am not as coward as to back down from going due to these dangers.

Isn’t 1 year a long holiday?

Firstly, let me correct; this is not a “holiday”. It’s a “journey” that has roughly been planned for 1 year. It’s “a step to the unknown, an adventure, an effort to get to know myself…”

I do not think 1 year is long; however I can not know at this point as I have never experienced it before. Time will show. I do not take this journey as “a movement from point A to B” but more as “an experience of mobile living”. I’ll be continuing my life in occasionally changing environments with different people. Maybe I’ll be settling in a town and live for a couple of months. Maybe find a job. I wonder what will happen too.

We will see…

Isn’t it crazy to quit your job? Weren’t you happy?

Yes it’s crazy. Maybe it is not really logical but that was the only way to follow my dreams. I was very much happy with my job, my colleagues, my managers, my salary; everything. This makes it even more difficult. Otherwise everything would be easier if I had a non-satisfactory job. I do not know if I can find such a job with all aspects another time. But anyway, I have dreams. And I need “money and time” for them. I saved necessary money. So, only “time” was missing. So I quitted.

Why are you going “now”?

There might not be a second chance when I can reach such a good optimization of money and time. There may be several reasons in the future which might stop me from “going”. My energy and motivation I have now may decrease. At this very point, I feel myself capable and ready with my previous travel experiences. Why postpone further?

Where do you stay, what do you eat and drink?

In general I am being hosted by local people through the hospitality networks (Hospitality Club, Couchsurfing) that bring together the travelers worldwide. I am a member for 7 years and have actively been volunteering for improvement. This way, I can get right into the culture. Apart from that, I camp wild with my tent, or stay at hostels which are designed for backpackers like us.

I always prefer to try the local tastes. In the restaurants I take the menu and order the thing that I understand least. I eat any street food that looks nice to me. I am also writing down and taking photos of everything I eat and drink; I’ll come home with a nice archive.

I always wanted to do something like this but I can never put it in practice.

Why not? Are you sure you wish enough? I can willingly give all kind of motivation and technical support if you want.

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