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Change in Strategy

Posted by Engin Kaban on August 12, 2010

Change in Strategy

This is an informative message:

You know, I am on the road for 7 months. Many things happen during this
time, enviroment change, people change, I change…

And during all these, I am trying to write. I created a website before
hitting the road; initial plan was to keep it updated, but I couldnt. The
last post on my website now is from 4 months behind.

I love to write, and to share. But I realized it’s so difficult to do all
whilst traveling. Especially updating the website is like torture lately,
with the rare and slow internet. As I stay behind, I feel more under

I also realized I spend too much time on computer, and decided to reduce

I shared my thoughts with a few close friends and made my final decision:

– I will not put my writings for the last 4 months missing on my website.
I’ll only put the photos.
– I will be sharing all my photos after now as well.
– Instead of writing long and staying behind, I’ll send out short
informative posts.
– I’ll continue to write long for myself, but not to share on my site.
– I still have the idea of publishing a book about my trip, from the very
beginning. I’ll put together and edit all my notes in the end as a book.
(it’ll only be in Turkish though, unless I become a well-known travel writer
one day and have my books translated 🙂
– I will devote the time that I gain from all these to the many projects
that have been floating in my mind and those that I could never really focus

That’s it for now.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. You can write directly to me.

Greetings and love…

Engin Kaban

August 11th 2010 – Puno

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